About us

Who we are

NARYAA has invaluable experience which helps our clients make the right choice every time and come back to us for our expert advice which helps them save cost to a great deal and get the latest in technology. We have set the benchmark by maintaining the balance between cost-efficiency and quality, through the implementation of new technologiesu.

An organization that believes in sharing our expertise and providing Building Materials and industrial Equipments at the right price with integrity and honesty. NARYAA offer range of products include the Gypsum Products and Acsessories, Insulation Wools, Waterproofing, Special Industrial Parts and Equipments etc that are known and trusted by professionals.

We have established ourselves into the thoughts of our esteemed customers a RELIABLE source for all their needs pertaining to services and products offered by us. Not only reliability, we are REACHABLE in all means of business terms too as our customer vouches. Our products and service scopes are of market leading ones and are capable of delivering performance as per the set benchmarks

Mission & Vision

We offer Cold Room Doors and Parts, Ballistic Doors, Windows and Cabins, Special Tools, Machineries and accessories etc. In order to implement the policy of "right things at right place at right time", we do preliminary studies at our customers premises / work areas to come up with the most appropriate solutions and products that make a business sense and create a win-win situation. We thank all our customers and partners who have remained loyal to us through the years. These alliances form not only the cornerstone of our continued business but also demonstrate the continued faith in our history and our future while catering to the requirements of the construction industry World wide.